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The Bad Guy, The Wolf And The Surprise Party
100% 89K 43 minutes 2 months ago by Joel Haver

Shot in its entirety during the 2022 Oscars, this movie was fully improvised in just three hours. From our improv emerged a story of betrayal, heartbreak and surprise party. Starring @Cherdleys Jessica Runyan @Brooks Kossover Italia Ponticorvo @cer spence @deansoups Cam George Peter Ditzler @Austin Nasso Lee Yang Ian Michaels @Alex Martens @Ryan The Leader Camryn Hunsinger Ismael Ghaussi @Daxflame @Trent Lenkarski @Mike Panero @TheTalentlessWriter @Kevin Amarillo @Reckless Ben and @Michael Fortner Over 500 movies were shot during The Oscars in 2022, see the rest in this playlist - Watch the livestream of The Bad Guy, The Wolf and The Surprise Party being shot - Watch Shoot During The Oscars announcement video here - Support - Patreon: Paypal: Merch - Social - Instagram: Twitter: Drawings: Letterboxd:

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