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Badger's Best Of 2021
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Buy GUACAMOLE GAMER FART 9000 (code BADGER = 10% off): This video is sponsored by Guacamole Gamer Fart 9000, a drink made by Gamer Supps which I have an ownership/affiliate stake in. Just know that I'm making money from this and Gamer Supps supports my channel in a god tier type of way. FOLLOW ME HERE ▼ ➧ Twitter: ➧ Twitch: ➧ Discord: ➧MY SETUP: ➧SHIRTS: ➧10% off gamer supps with code BADGER: ➧WHY GAMER SUPPS?: BUDDIES YOU HEARD IN THIS VIDEO ▼ *This isn't perfectly accurate because it's taking from so many video that the colors might be off, these are just the usual colors.* Grouse (Yellow): Jello (Turquoise): Badda (Burgundy): Heavenly (Light Pink): Skullker (Dark Pink): Mickey (Purple): Geuce (Green): Pasta (Blue): Bing (Flesh Color): Eekaj (Orange): Clu (Red): MUSIC ▼ waykap ft. Emmi - Summer of Our Lives: Pat Reyford - Morning Good Morning This track is licensed from AudioNetwork: Licensed from Serpent Sounds: Entry of the Gladiators (Multiple Versions):

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