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Game Of Thrones S8e01 Explained
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Get a free audiobook and 2 Audible Originals with a 30-day trial: Or text asx to 500 500 What does the new Game of Thrones intro reveal? How does Game of Thrones Season 8 parallel Season? What is the drama between Jon, Sansa and Daenerys? Who are Jon Snow’s real parents? Is Cersei pregnant? What does the white walker spiral symbol mean? Subscribe: Support on Patreon: Twitter: During Game of Thrones Season 8, we're streaming live Q&As after each episode, at ~10:30pm ET Sundays – anyone can watch live, and Patreon supporters can watch past livestreams: More Game of Thrones videos: Game of Thrones recap: Created with Adobe After Effects and a Shure SM7B microphone Images and video from Game of Thrones used under fair use. Bloodraven art by Karen Petrasko: Alysanne art by Trishkell: Jon Night King art by Ertaç Altınöz: Golden Company art by Urukki Saki: Euron art by drafturgy: Euron Falia art by Mathia Arkoniel: Special thanks to Patrons Reverend Xandria, Cameron Weiss, Jason Rattray, Michael Appell, Ryan Steele, Eric Louis-Dreyfus, Triangle Wine Company, Harry, Chris Cole, Neel Chopdekar, Hank Lero, Shane Veglia, Zach Gordon, DscoDan, Joel Soucy, LVE, Ali Almuhanna, Owen Campbell-Kelly, Steven Placencia, Ria McDoodle, Raziel, Jordan Schafer, Markus Kytomaa, Simen Mikkelsen, Jamie Moore, Tim Cunniff, Peter Meehan, I think a Faceless Man ran up and said 'Valar Morghulus' before running off?