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Back With Javan - Fighting Jiggers (2 Of 9)
84% 1.0M 13 minutes 2 years ago by Rus Patrons - Charity Everyday

Javan is a red case. There are things that need to be done and they're either not done at all or they're wrongly done. Javan has a family - mother and other members, right there in Ebukobelo, Bunyore. They all seem defeated by the jigger bug. In fact, his mother is finally a jigger victim too. People who live in this kind of defeat only need support. They need someone to come to their rescue. RUS does not have answers to all questions. We cannot unravel all controversies. We cannot explain why a young man, only twenty one (21) like Javan can have jiggers and let them torment him like they do. But we know our role and we try not to go beyond our mandate, which is simple - LOVE IN ACTION. So, we're back with them again, after almost a month. It is heartbreaking starting all over again, but we are doing it. Javan is not the worst victim we ever helped. He will come out of this situation! Email +254723323186