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Stan Lee's La Comic Con 2016 Cosplay Music Video - Take Flight/scream
91% 9.0M 8 minutes 3 years ago by Skdr Films

Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comic Con (aka Comikaze) 2016, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Thank you very much to all the awesome Cosplayers who participated in this video! ^_^ Video by: Kurt Del Rosario Songs: Take Flight by Lindsey Stirling/Scream by Usher Check out SKDR Films on Facebook: Featuring: 0:46 Miley TinyThunder: 1:02 Hendo Art: 1:08 Angi Viper: 1:18 Valerie Perez: 1:41 CosplayProdigy: Meisha Mock: d-slim: Amber Arden: Gregarious Geek: Nein & Hex: 04:16 Blood Empress: 04:24 Von7animefreak: 04:38 Missmjay: 04:49 KEM Cosplay: SD Rum Cosplay: Megan Golden Cosplay: Hightower Cosplay: 5:47 Tasha Leigh Cosplay: 6:02 Lily2Silly: 6:37 Joanie Brosas: 6:51 Momokun Cosplay: [More links to be added shortly] For all the haters and misguided comments regarding Von7animefreak's costume at 04:23, please watch her response video. She is awesome BTW!

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